Chemistry & Biochemistry


A substance is a collection of molecules, and may be categorized into inanimate and animate objects. Materials engineering is the study of identifying substances that are useful to humankind, or newly creating them.

Our department has the object of developing students’ creativity, encouraging them to be self-independent , and teaching practical science and technology.
To achieve this goal, we have formulated a curriculum for the purpose of fostering scientific engineers, who, with a deep understanding of basic composition, structure and changes of substances, are capable of creating substances chemically or biochemically.
The basics of materials engineering are taught with lectures and through experiments in the order of analytical chemistry, microbiology, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, physical chemistry, and chemical engineering.
Then from the fourth year, students choose either of the two courses “materials chemistry” and “bioengineering” and learn the necessary engineering techniques respectively.

The “materials chemistry” course deals with the creation, physical properties, and analysis of inorganic materials and organic polymeric materials.
Areas of study in the “bioengineering” course include molecular biology, fermentation, cells and genes.
We also strive to develop students’ communication skills, so that they can send out information and messages to the world. In addition to general English, scientific English, including its technical terms, is taught by specialist teaching staff in the fourth and fifth years. Wrapping up the five year of study, graduation research is conducted in the fifth year.
In this manner, we aim to produce personnel for research and development departments and production facilities of institutions in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries in the world.


Introduction of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry, Scientific English, Microbiology, Instrumental Analysis, Solid State Chemistry, Polymer Science, Separation Engineering, Coordination Chemistry, Culture Engineering, Enzymic Engineering, Cell Engineering, Genetic Engineering, Laboratory Experiments, Graduation Research

Teaching staff

(■Name ■Title/Degree ■Fields ■Research Information)
Kyoji Yoshino
芳野 恭士
Professor/Ph.D(Pharmaceutical science)
Biological chemistry, Pharmaceutical science, Food chemistry
Yoko Aoyama
青山 陽子
Polymer Chemistry
Masashi Ookawa
大川 政志
Inorganic Chemistry
Kazumi Furukawa
古川 一実
Associate Professor/Ph.D(Agriculture)
Plant genetics and breeding
Setsuko Yamane
山根 説子
Associate Professor/Doctor of Philosophy
Biomaterial Engineering
Takashi Arai
新井 貴司
Assistant Professor/Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering
Inorganic material
Research Information Portal
Takanobu Goto
後藤 孝信
Professor/Doctor of Biochemistry
Fish biochemistry, Enzymology
Koji Inazu
稲津 晃司
Professor/Doctor of Engineering
Catalytic Chemistry Environmental Chemistry
Masayuki Takeguchi
竹口 昌之
Professor/Doctor of Engineering
Biochemical Engineering
Tomoyuki Warashina
藁科 知之
Associate Professor/Doctor of Engineering
Analytical Chemistry
Takuya Ito
伊藤 拓哉
Associate Professor/Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering
Reaction Engineering

Part-time Teachers

Satoshi Ema / 江間 敏
KIDO Yoshiaki  / 木戸 義明