Greetings from the President of NIT(Numazu Kosen)


Satoshi Nakamura

National Institute of Technology (Kosen) gives students consistent engineering education with the goal of developing engineers who contribute to society. Since an engineering education requires more than just book learning, Kosen students’ training includes a lot of hands-on experience from the beginning, just as in sports and the arts. Kosen takes students who have finished junior high school and gives them the education that they need to become successful engineers.
Once admitted and studying in one of Kosen’s 5 or 7 year specialized engineering education programs, a student does not have to take the National Center Test for University Admissions in order to continue at the school. At Kosen, you have time and the environment in which to focus intensively in your own specialized branch of engineering. You will learn the basics necessary in various fields which you can then apply to solve real problems, and become an engineer who contributes something back to society.
Since 2012, Numazu Kosen has provided a consistent 7-year educational program which combines a 5-year department course with a 2-year advanced course, with special emphasis on early engineering education. Students can earn an Associates Degree in engineering by finishing the 5-year study curriculum and a Bachelors Degree by finishing the 7-year study curriculum. We offer an education to develop a competent engineer with sufficient hands-on experience and theoretical analytical abilities.
We have introduced a new curriculum from the third year of school in which, in addition to one’s major, students choose one of the following 3 courses: Environmental & Energy System Engineering Course, Advanced Materials Science & Engineering Course, or Industrial Engineering Course for Medical & Welfare Instruments. This curriculum is integrated into an engineering education program called the “Interdisciplinary System Engineering Program.” With these courses, we offer an education which can be adjusted flexibly according to regional needs, the advancement of technology, and changes in the industrial structure.
We have also introduced into our system active learning, extensive reading in English and communication skill training to develop engineers who have profound knowledge not only in his or her special engineering field, but also in a wide range of study fields, to be able to make proper decisions from a global point of view.
Engineers are of course expected to possess good ethics and humanity. Students in lower grades at Numazu Kosen live in dormitories. Through this experience of living in a group, students hopefully learn kindness and how to get along with others, self-discipline, and how rules and roles function in a group. Such experiences can help build great confidence and ability to work in a group in a future career.
Numazu Kosen is the only higher educational institution in eastern Shizuoka Prefecture that contributes to regional industry as it does through Fuji Pharma Valley Initiatives (an industry, government, and academic project), and Fuji Medical Engineer Training (F-met).