The library acts as a learning center for the entire school.
The library owns books in the field of science and technology, which is necessary for education and research, general interest books for emotional development, and books for language learning. Academic journal magazines, newspapers, etc. are arranged on open-access bookshelves.

Infomation Technology Centerr

Information Technology Center performs education of information processing and administering information systems.
These works are carried out by several teachers and a resident staff of the Technical Department with high information technology.

Cooperative Research and Development Center

The mission of Cooperative Research and Development Center is to foster faculty/industry alliances and utilization of technology originated in National Institute of Technology, Numazu College (Numazu Kosen) for the broad benefit to our regional community. The center provides accessibility, timeliness, and flexibility in its operations and negotiations to ensure that the public and private investment in the research activity at Numazu Kosen has great positive impact on people and the economy of the vicinity.

Education and Research Supporting Center

The Education and Research Supporting Center is well equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, and utilized to provide our students with an education in “Monozukuri”. The spirit of Monozukuri forms the foundation for practical and creative engineers to be successful in various fields of industry. In addition, the Education and Research Supporting Center is optimized for education and research closely related to the Industrial Engineering Course for Medical & Welfare Instrument and the interdisciplinary studies in the Regular Courses. At the Education and Research Supporting Center, the staff of the Technical Department gives the students assistance in experiments or workshops.

Student Dormitory

The dormitories are located in the north east section of the school grounds, and are divided into the north dormitory zone and the south dormitory zone with a total of 7 buildings.  The north dormitory zone includes Shoho Dormitory, Eiho Dormitory, and Koho Dormitory, while the south dormitory zone includes Meiho Dormitory (girls’ dormitory), Yuho Dormitory, Seiho Dormitory, and Shuho Dormitory. Dormitory rooms in Shoho Dormitory, which is for upper-class students, are all individual rooms. The remaining six dormitories have both single and double occupancy rooms. The dormitories have the dormitory student council with its president, vice presidents, leaders of each dormitory, etc. The council works hard so that the boarding students can have a meaningful and fulfilling life in every aspect of their life —not only academically, but also as a member of each dormitory.

Student Support Zone/ Welfare Facility, “Shoyu-kaikan”

In Student Support Zone, we have a school infirmary, a counseling room, student life support services, and a student career support corner. Shoyu-kaikan is a welfare facility for students, with a cafeteria and a school store on the first floor, and the student council room and a multipurpose classroom on the second floor.