Control & Computer Engineering



The Department of Control and Computer Engineering has the object of fostering practical engineers that can make a contribution to society in the field of design, manufacture and operation of multi-purpose devices or systems using computers.

The curriculum places emphasis on information engineering and systems and control engineering, and is systematically organized to include their related fields such as mechanical engineering, and electrical and electronics engineering.
In the first through third years of study, a large amount of time is given to mechatronics studies for the purpose of developing a computer-controlled robot, and programming studies for the purpose of learning the C/C++ language.
A variety of computer-related knowledge and techniques are acquired.
Creative designing conducted in the fourth year allows students to use their own abilities to develop a system using computers, and to experience a series of processes from planning to design and manufacture, and then to verification, investigation and presentation of the results.

Students in the higher grades of study perform engineering experiments in measurement control, mechatronics, computer simulations, etc. in small groups in the laboratories.
During graduation research, the culmination of the five-year program of study, students are encouraged to develop self-learning abilities and creativity through problems finding and solving under the individual guidance of teaching staff.
Graduates of our department play an active role in a wide range of industrial fields such as information and communication, automobiles, robotics, domestic electrical appliances, medical equipment and so on.


Computer Architecture, Operating System, Programming, Discreate Mathmatics, Electromagnetics, Numerical Analysis, Design Engineering, Industrial Instrumentation, Control Theory, Robotics, Computer Graphics, Artificial Intelligence, Database Management System, Manufacturing System Engineering, Experiments in Engineering, Undergraduate Study

Teaching staff

(■Name ■Title/Degree ■Fields ■Research Information)
Ryutaro Yoshino
吉野 龍太郎
Professor/Master of Engineering
Professional Engineer (Mechanical Engineering)
Robotic Engineering
Kenji Hase
長谷 賢治
Professor/Doctor of Engineering
Control Engineering
Mikio Fujio
藤尾 三紀夫
Professor/Doctor of Information Engineering
Digital Industry
Yasuhito Suzuki
鈴木 康人
Associate Professor/Doctor of
Information Science
Mathematical Logic,Software Verification
Satoshi Yamazaki
山崎 悟史
Associate Professor/Doctor of Engineering
Wireless Communications
Yuko Matsumoto
松本 祐子
Associate Professor/Ph.D
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Kazutomo Naganawa
長縄 一智
Professor/Master of Engineering
Instrumentation Engineering
Masanobu Miyashita
宮下 真信
Professor/Doctor of Engineering
Mathematical Neuroscience
Hirohide Serizawa
芹澤 弘秀
Professor/Doctor of Engineering
Electromagnetic Waves
Shinya Ohkubo
大久保 進也
Associate Professor/Doctor of Engineering
Optical Information Engineering
Naoyuki Yokoyama
横山 直幸
Associate Professor/Doctor of Philosophy
Artificial Organs Engineering
Yuya Kaneko
金子 裕哉
Assistant Professor/Master of Engineering
Radio over Fiber

Part-time Teachers

Shinobu Kamimura  / 上村 忍
Masamitsu Maru  / 丸 雅光