Mechanical Engineering


The Department of Mechanical Engineering has the object of fostering mechanical engineers with the ability to design and manufacture machines, devices, and the systems related to such machines and devices.

Metal processing techniques, which are the basis of “monozukuri” (manufacturing) will be taught through practical training of mechanical operations in the second and the third years of study, and design and drafting techniques to put the ideas into products will be acquired through mechanical design drawing in the second through the fifth years of study.
The principal areas of study, the center of which is mechanics such as material mechanics, thermodynamics, and hydrodynamics are essential to mechanical engineers. These subjects are taught closely linked with the basic engineering subjects in the initial year of study.
A deep understanding of the details of these specialized subjects is acquired through practice and experience in mechanical engineering experiments.
Information processing techniques and computer techniques are taught in a multifaceted manner in collaboration with the specialized subjects.

Through graduation research conducted in the fifth year of study, the students not only learn to use their knowledge and techniques, but also acquire the overall ability that is required to solve various engineering problems.


Strength of Materials, Thermodynamics, Hydraulics, Engineering Materials, Metal Working Technology, Mechanism, Control Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Design, Machine Design & Drawing, Mechanical Engineering Laboratory, Mechanical Technology Practice, Study for Graduation

Teaching staff

(■Name ■Title/Degree ■Fields ■Research Information)
Tomohisa Nishida
西田 友久
Professor/Doctor of Engineering
Strength of Materials , Surface engineering
Hisami Muramatsu
村松 久巳
Professor/Doctor of Engineering
Fluid Engineering , Acoustics
Masahito Shintomi
新冨 雅仁
Professor/Doctor of Engineering
Combustion Engineering
Naoto Suzuki
鈴木 尚人
Associate Professor/Doctor of Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Satoshi Inoue
井上 聡
Associate Professor/Master of Engineering
Professional Engineer (Metals)
Metallic Materials
KITA Madoka
喜多 和
Lecturer/Master of Engineering
Thermal fluid dynamics μTAS, BioMEMS
Takashi Kobayashi
小林 隆志
Professor/Doctor of Engineering
Professional Engineer (Mechanical Engineering)
Design Engineering
Yuuichiroh Mitani
三谷 祐一朗
Professor/Doctor of Engineering
Control Engineering , Production System
Tetsuo Nagare
永禮 哲生
Associate Professor/Master of Engineering
Cutting Technology
Hitoshi Yamanaka
山中 仁
Associate Professor/Master of Engineering
Professional Engineer(Mechanical Engineering)
Design Engineering
金 顯凡
Associate professor/Doctor of Engineering
Mechanics of Materials
Atsushi Maeda
前田 篤志
Assistant Professor/Master of Engineering
Fluid Engineering

Teacher on a short-term contract

(■Name ■Title/Degree ■Fields)

Part-time Teachers

Tadamasa Furuya / 古屋 忠正
Tatsumi Miyauchi / 宮内 太積
Shinobu Kamimura  / 上村 忍
Shigehisa Tetsuka / 手塚 重久