Research Activities

The National Institute of Technology, Numazu College is an institution of higher education. Its faculty is engaged in research in their field of specialization and presents the results of their research at academic conferences both in Japan and overseas.
In addition, our faculty fully builds upon their expertise and plays an active role in joint research with regional companies.
The table below shows some of the research themes that our faculty is involved in.

Research Publication (2015)

Numazu National College of Technology Research Reports
* The report is available at CiNii, which is the database service provided by the National Institute of Informatics.

Joint Research (with external institutions) in 2017

    • Characteristics of fugitive emissions from gasketed flanged connections at room temperature and elevated temperature
    • Effect of hydrogen water on growth of herbs
    • hydrogen Isotope separation by Ludwig Soret effect
    • Analysis of the use of teaching materials including graphics based on the neuroscientific and behavioral scientific approach
    • Study about Evaluation Method of Space Charge Layer Under DC Superimposed AC Ramp Electric Field Application
    • A fundamental research for a novel rehabilitation method utilizing EEG from the motor area

* A total of 35 Joint Research projects with Companies in and outside of Shizuoka Prefecture.

Contract Research (research commissioned from outside sources) in 2017

* Two Contract Research with a Company in and outside of Shizuoka Prefecture.

Grants for Scientific Research

The faculty of the National Institute of Technology, Numazu College has applied for competitive research funding programs that external institutions such as the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology publicly seek candidates for. The table below shows the scientific research projects for which such funding was provided.

Grant-aided scientific research projects in 2018
(Subsidy for academic research fund / Grants-in-aid for scientific research)

Fiscal YearSubjectPrincipal
Investigator (PI)or Co-Investigator (Co-I)
Research representativeWhole research periodClassification
2018Development of an On-machine Polishing CAM system Based on Five-Axis ControlPIMikio Fujio2018~2020Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(C)
Macroscopic single arrangement of nanostructure and fabrication of 15 Tbit/inch2 storage media by self-guided methodPIMotonori Komura2018~2022
Development of electroretinogram having the deformably multifocal hexagonal stimulus array to identify the retinal layer causing the decline in visual sensitivityPINaoto Suzuki2018~2021
Establishment of Emergent Cooperative Robot Control to Convert Examiner's Procedures, Experiences, and SensesPIYusuke Aoki2018~2020Grant-in-Aid for
Young Scientists
Study on the effect of multiple slits in PMMA / MDF material using laser processingPIHidenori Nakagawa2018~2018Grant-in-Aid for Encouragement of Scientists
2017Studying supernova explosions via their neutrino emissionsCo-IKousuke Sumiyoshi2017~2019Grant-in-Aid for
Scientific Research on
Innovative Areas
(Research in a proposed research area)
Analysis of effectiveness of contest education for cultivate of social implementation abilities and elucidation of its effectiveness improvementCo-IYusuke Aoki2017~2019Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(B)
The Pluralistic Society in China from the Northern Dynasties Era to the Sui Tang Period:Focus on Jun-fu and Community under the Fu-bing SystemPIYoichiro Hirata2017~2019Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(C)
Development and application of a super high-precision 3-D analytical method of
an electromagnetic wave considering the edge property of the conductor
PIHirohide Serizawa2017~2020
LCK structures on solvmanifoldsPIHiroshi Sawai2017~2019
Propagating phenomena and asymptotic profiles of solutions in free boundary problems appearing in mathematical ecologyPIHiroshi Matsuzawa2017~2019
Development of design method to prevent leakage from gasketed flanged connections subjected to combined external loads under elevated temperaturePITakashi Kobayashi2017~2019
Development of effective and practical immersion nano vaccine for bacterial fish diseases using new nanomaterialsPINoriyo Mitome2017~2021
Development of a fibrin-network imaging system based on birefringence characteristicsPINaoyuki Yokoyama2017~2019Grant-in-Aid for
Young Scientists(B)
2016Creation of molecular circuit engineering by molecular grid wiring technologyCo-IMotonori Komura2016~2018Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(A)
A theoretical study of information representation of the auditory area: generation of auditory continuity illusionPIMasanobu Miyashita2016~2018Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(C)
The educational program of automatic control engineers for manufacturing system using highly-functional robots by collaboration between multiple KOSENs and CorporationPIYuichiro Mitani2016~2019
Practical realization of multi-point measurement method of temperature and velocity by using FPGA and elucidation of stratification effect on turbulent transportPIKatsuhisa Ohba2016~2018Grant-in-Aid for
Challenging Exploratory
2015Study of the explosion mechanism of multi-dimensional supernovae by 6D Boltzmann equationsPIKousuke Sumiyoshi2015~2019Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(C)
Empirical study of IoT and Big Data for smart future agriculturePISatoshi Yamazaki2015~2018