Electrical & Electronices Engineering



The knowledge and skills of the electrical and electronics engineering are essential to establish new technologies for guarantee of clean energy and reduction of CO2 for the global environment, and information network society based on cloud computing. The Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department trains brilliant engineers having ability of problem solution in the wide industrial fields by utilizing the knowledge and skills of the electrical and electronics engineering. We have formulated an effective teaching curriculum well adapted to nowadays which makes students smoothly master theories through lectures and techniques through experiments for responding to the advanced technology.

The basic subjects such as circuit theory, electromagnetism etc. which form the backbone of the electrical and electronics engineering are carefully arranged in each grade in order for students to learn from basic theories to their application step by step. Students in higher grades can selectively attend the lectures with respect to advanced technology, which affords them sophistication as engineers.

The experimental subjects related to the contents of the lectures are substantially provided. We conduct not only basic experiments to learn the theory of electric circuit and electromagnetic phenomena but also the ones on information processing using a computer. Experiments with a circuit simulator to master design and analysis techniques which are necessary for an electrical engineer are also provided. Our department owns fulfilling experimental instruments concerned with high voltage and is an institute accredited for Electric Works Specialist. Students can acquire The 2nd Class Electric Works Specialist when they complete designated courses and subsequent work experiments.


Circuit Theory, Electromagnetics, Information Theory, Electric Power Engineering, Control Engineering, Computer Engineering, Communication Engineering, Electronic Circuits, Solid-state Electronics, Electrical-Electronic Machines, Computer Programming, Experiments in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Electromagnetic Energy Conversion, Study for Graduation

Teaching staff

(■Name ■Title/Degree ■Fields ■Research Information)
Kenji Sato
佐藤 憲史
Professor/Doctor of Engineering
Takayoshi Ohtsu
大津 孝佳
Professor/Doctor of Engineering
Electrostatic Engineering
Electric Power Engineering
Satoru Noge
野毛 悟
Professor/Doctor of Engineering
Ultrasonic Electronics
Naoki Shima
嶋 直樹
Associate Professor/Doctor of Engineering
Tomokatsu Ohsawa
大澤 友克
Associate Professor/Doctor of Engineering
Solid state Physics
Masanori Takaya
高矢 昌紀
Color Imaging
Akio Takano
高野 明夫
Professor/Doctor of Engineering
Power Electronics
Kouji Mochizuki
望月 孔二
Professor/Doctor of Engineering
Electronic Circuit
Kenji Nishimura
西村 賢治
Professor/Doctor of Engineering
Plasma Engineering
Yasuhiko Manabe
眞鍋 保彦
Associate Professor/Master of Engineering
Computational Science
Motonori Komura
小村 元憲
Associate Professor/Doctor of Engineering
Nano Physical Properties Measurement
Wataru Yamanouchi
山之内 亘
Assistant Professor/Doctor of Engineering
Control Engineering

Teacher on a short-term contract

(■Name ■Title/Degree ■Fields)
Satoshi Ema
江間 敏
Temporary Professor/Master of Engineering
Electrical Engineering

Part-time Teachers

Shinichi Sato / 佐藤 眞一
Shigehisa Tezuka / 手塚 重久
Yoshihisa Matsushita / 松下 芳久